Benefits of Yoga For Couples

When it comes to its benefits to one’s body, yoga ranks among the top in the list of healthy practices. With the evolving trend of yoga for couples, it begs the question: Are there any benefits? Here is an interesting glance at what experts have to say about this new and exciting trend in yoga especially given that it was first thought to be an individual endeavor.

Boosts sex and intimacy

Disconnect is the major source of sexual frustration among couples. Since couples yoga is rooted in synchronized motion and touch, it enhances non-verbal communication between couples in the silence of the sessions. Various studies have linked yoga to enhanced sex drive. It is now being used in counseling sessions of people suffering from sexual frustrations.

Less stress and anxiety

Psychological science has proven that hand holding between married couples provides comfort thus reducing anxiety. Couples yoga taps into this magnifying the effect of peaceable existence normal yoga offers. As couples go through the different well-orchestrated poses, they get relief from all kinds of stress at elevated levels each time they come into contact with each other. Less stress and anxiety means enhanced peace. Nothing beats peace as an ingredient for a flourishing relationship.


When you love someone, you want to share good things with them; spend time with them. Yoga is innately a good experience. When shared, it gives the benefit of doing something beneficial while spending time together. The lessons taught can bring in great aspects to the relationship such as having fun together and slowing down from the ups and downs of life. The yoga discipline builds a attentiveness discipline which causes happier relationships where each of the partners is more aware and sensitive to the other.

Builds trust and communication

The motions involved during the sessions need partners to support each other, talk, listen and send non-verbal cues and translate them effectively. Each partner therefore exposes their vulnerability to the other by expecting their support when they lean on them. This helps couples learn to trust each other as well as communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally.

It is clear that yoga in itself is important in achieving wholesome bodily health. Clearer still is that sharing the yoga experience with your significant other has additional benefits that enhance your life and theirs. You are meant to be one as a couple. Couples yoga enhances this by bridging gaps in trust and communication, happiness, sex and intimacy and in reducing anxiety and stress. It is definitely worth a try and you can start by using the yoga burn monthly program.